Forestry France

Forestry France, is the leading independent forestry asset management company in france. The company employs around fifty people and has a strong territorial network with twelve offices. Forestry is a century-old family business, founded in 1902, and is currently managed by Sylvestre Coudert.

The experience and know-how of its teams cover the fields of:

Forestry, agricultural and land expertise
Forestry management
Investment advice
National and international consultancy
Urban wood sector
Energy and network sector

Forestry France prepared its internationalisation in 2014 by welcoming F&W to its capital, the second largest forestry asset management firm in the United States, which is already present in the United Kingdom and South America.

Forestry France has developed methods and tools at the forefront of innovation, and can already rely on its partners who are capable of helping it to assist large international groups with their various issues regarding the forestry-wood sector. Forestry France operates in Central America, South America, Africa and Europe.

Key figures
locations in france
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